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Robocop (1987): The Future is Here

Moviegoers of nowadays might find particularly interesting to know that British director Ken Russell ("The Devils"(1971)), once declared that "Robocop"(1987) was, in his opinion, the best sci-fi movie ever made since Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" (1926). This may sound like an overstatement for many. However, if you take a close look at Russell's highly subversive vision… Sigue leyendo Robocop (1987): The Future is Here


Willy Toledo and the Red Church

On a breezy afternoon in May, actors Guillermo Toledo and Alberto San Juan were sitting on the stage of the Centro Pastoral San Carlos Borromeo, which is better known as Iglesia Roja (‘’The Red Church’’) for its affiliations with marginalized groups and its interesting track record of serving as the speakerphone for extreme leftist groups… Sigue leyendo Willy Toledo and the Red Church